Steering Devices

Automotive Innovations can provide you with the best adaptive steering equipment for your driving needs. We have access to or can manufacture steering wheel spinner knobs or Tri-Pins to match the driver needs and type of vehicle.

A physical evaluation of your ability to operate a vehicle given your specific disability will help us determine what type of steering device can be used .


Tri-pin grip

Depending on the degree of hand mobility, use of a three-pin grip may be beneficial. Adequately supported, the hand and wrist stay securely in place on the steering wheel. The tri-pin is mounted on the steering wheel with a plug-in spindle and clamp brackets and may be removed at any time if needed.

Spinner knob

The steering wheel spinner knobs are renowned for their excellent quality and modern design; they visually complement our VEIGEL hand controls.

The steering wheel spinner knobs are retractable and removable; they are available in 45 and 50 mm diameters.

Steering fork

The specifically shaped steering fork has been designed for people with reduced gripping strength. It provides firm backhand support; the hand stays securely in place and thereby ensures precise steering of the vehicle.