Reduced Effort Controls

Our company has been a leader in manufacturing and installing adaptive driving systems and equipment in the New England Area for the past 35 years. We offer an electro-mechanical driving system that gives people with disabilities an opportunity to drive.

We believe independence is an important part of life, which is why we strive to build the best Adaptive Mobility Equipment products on the market. Our quad servo driving systems can be installed into any vehicle. We can install our systems into anything from a Lamborghini to a
Ford. We always tailor our driving system to meet the Independent needs of the individual.

The servo driving system is designed with our customers in mind. All secondary controls (i.e.. heating, AC, windows) are on touch pads or toggle switch consoles that are within inches of your hands so they are easily accessible.

The steering can be a zero effort, reduced-effort or servo steering system. This allows our customers the ability to make turns with very little effort. The Gas and Brake system is also a hand-controlled function, which is built custom for each customer’s unique needs. Automotive
Innovations has a long history of providing adaptive vehicle mobility solutions and modifications for quadriplegic drivers.

Our hand controls and other adaptive equipment have been beneficial to so many people all over the world. We manufacture a variety of primary driving control options designed to operate the gas, brake and steering controls on a motor vehicle. In years past, we developed a number of independent driving systems such as the popular Electronic Gas Brake, Servo Steering, and Joystick steering.

At Automotive Innovations our primary driving control system provides low-effort control and mobility solutions for your specific requirements to operate the factory gas, brake, and steering controls. A variety of unique interfaces to the control system are available and can be mounted
nearly anywhere in the driver’s area of the vehicle.

These “input devices,” as they are called, have the look and feel of factory driving controls, but be designed specifically for the purpose of maximizing your abilities. Our servo steering and servo gas brake utilizes a sophisticated design to convert your limited mechanical input into
the ability to manipulate the factory gas and brake pedals and or the factory steering column.

Whether you require just gas and brakes, or just steering, or gas, brakes, and steering, Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA has adaptive mobility equipment solutions for you!