Hand Controls

Our hand control installations are second to none.

Hand controls make it possible for people with a physical disability to drive accessible car , truck or van. If you want to drive independently and safely, hand controls can allow you to do that.

Hand controls give the driver the ability to operate both the brake and gas pedal using levers that are connected to the pedals directly. There are many types of hand controls mechanical and servo controlled.

Servo controlled offers controls that manage gas, brakes and steering electronically. These controls are typically use in situations where the operator has weak or limited range of motion in their upper body.

We have a fully equipped machine shop with equipment like lathes, milling
machines, press brakes and iron workers. We don’t just buy the hand
controls off eBay and mount them with hose clamps like some other places
do, we fabricate custom brackets for each application and take the time
necessary for a quality installation that will make it so the hand controls we
install out last our customers multiple vehicles throughout the years.
We also offer a lifetime warranty on our installations. If you ever feel there
is something wrong with your hand controls, even if we didn’t install them,
please come in for a free inspection by a certified mobility craftsman.