Hand Controls

Our hand control installations are second to none.

Hand controls make it possible for people with a physical disability to drive accessible car , truck or van. If you want to drive independently and safely, hand controls can allow you to do that.

Hand controls give the driver the ability to operate both the brake and gas pedal using levers that are connected to the pedals directly. There are many types of hand controls mechanical and servo controlled.

Servo controlled offers controls that manage gas, brakes and steering electronically. These controls are typically use in situations where the operator has weak or limited range of motion in their upper body.

We have a fully equipped machine shop with equipment like lathes, milling machines, press brakes and iron workers. We don’t just buy the hand controls off eBay and mount them with hose clamps like some other places do, we fabricate custom brackets for each application and take the time necessary for a quality installation that will make it so the hand controls we install out last our customers multiple vehicles throughout the years. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our installations. If you ever feel there is something wrong with your hand controls, even if we didn’t install them, please come in for a free inspection by a certified mobility craftsman.

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Veigel; Mobility Innovations is the world leader in driving control solutions for people with disabilities. They are one of the largest manufacturers of hand controls worldwide.  As a company with over 100 years of tradition, they stand for high quality, performance and service. They pride themselves on designing and refining customized, ergonomic driving controls that keep you active and mobile. Their mission is to continue to develop and discover new possibilities through innovative design and exceptional service.

Veigel Classic II

Veigel Classic II Image

Push to brake, turn to accelerate.

The Veigel Classic II hand control for accelerator & brake integrates perfectly into the interior of modern vehicles. Thanks to the ergonomically optimized handle and the adjustment of the hand grip angle, the acceleration is easier, fatigue-free & adapts to every hand position of the driver.

The Classic II hand control is made for simple & reliable operation. To accelerate, simply turn the ergonomic handle clockwise. To brake push the unit slightly forward. The mechanical brake lock can be easily engaged with the push of a button allowing the driver to remove their hand from the control to select a gear, change the radio station or just take a rest at a traffic light. The ergonomic handle can be adjusted to accommodate individual driver needs. The unit can be folded out of the way for ambulatory drivers.

Veigel Compact II

Veigel Compact II Image

Push to brake, pull to accelerate.

Proven technology, sleek and elegant design – that is how the Compact II hand control is made. The function is simple: to accelerate, pull the ergonomically shaped handle backwards, a slight push in the forward direction operates the brake. The mechanical brake lock can be easily engaged with the push of a button. The handle is shaped in such a way that the hand can rest on it while driving. This means relaxed and effortless driving, even on long distances. The hand control can be folded out of the way when not in use.

Veigel Basic

Veigel Basic Image

Push to brake, pull to accelerate.

The Basic hand control is a lower cost alternative to the Compact II, but offers more configurations due to the interchangeable hand grip system.  This hand control comes standard with a Veigel steering knob as the main hand grip. This features makes the Basic an excellent choice if additional customization is needed to adapt the hand control to the user.

Detroit Electronic Hand Controls

Detroit Electronic Hand Controls Image

Maximum leg room, safety and style.

The Veigel Detroit Electronic is available in Push Pull, Push Right Angle and Push Rock configurations. Braking remains mechanical, but acceleration is now fully electronic. Eliminating the gas rod means there is no longer any obstruction for the right knee or leg. The thin profile allows the control to be installed closer to the steering column for increased legroom. A stylish plastic trim cover helps integrate the adaptive device into the vehicles interior and provides an increased level of safety by protecting knees and legs from exposed parts. To increase safety and reduce the risk of an untrained driver using the hand control, we added a button switch to turn the control on. Simply start the vehicle, and press the button three times. An indicator light shows the control is active.  Once the light is solid, the hand control is engaged, and the factory foot pedal is non-operational. Turning off the vehicle automatically restores the accelerator control back to the factory foot pedal. By always defaulting to the factory pedal, we are preventing use by untrained or unintended drivers like valet’s, service technicians, and others. 
All Veigel hand controls exceed SAE J1903 testing standards


At DADC, their philosophy is simple: deliver the best driving experience possible. Their hand controls are designed to become one with your car, so you are not driving a hand control you are driving your car.

Quality Materials and Reduced Maintenance

They use quality materials, including durable stainless steel for an attractive finished product. DADC uses self-lubricating components to eliminate maintenance, squeaks and grease stains on clothes.

Less Fatigue, Less Discomfort

Holding the DADC hand control in your hand feels light and natural, which is why our clients prefer it. Our ergonomic design is an extension of the body’s natural responses to reduce fatigue, especially on long distance drives or in stop and go traffic.

Road Tested to Racing Standards

DADC’s founder’s son, Roger, is a racer, so when it came to design, it was important for William to build a hand control that delivered on the racetrack not only the road. The patented vacuum assist provides better throttle control, especially in tight turns or on bumpy roads.

Protect your Automotive Investment, Share with Pedal Pushing Drivers

DADC hand controls fit a wide range of vehicles with little or no cutting to the dashboard. Our cable operated throttle control means a cockpit free of clutter and unencumbered access for you and your pedal pushing family and friends.

DADC Twist

Power-assist or manual, motorcycle styled twist handle for throttle, push for brake.

  • Ball or slim handle
  • Manual or Power-assist 
  • Right or left hand operation
  • Great for small spaces
  • Right or left hand operation

​DADC Pull

Power-assist or manual, traditional push/pull handle for throttle, push for brake

  • Slim handle
  • Manual or Power-assist 
  • Brake Only option
  • Right or left hand operation


Manual, vertical handle, rock back for throttle, push for brake

  • Slim, vertical handle
  • Smooth, low friction control
  • Two hands on the wheel
  • Great for small spaces
  • Right of left hand operation

We’ve been installing these all over New England for close to 20 years.
Bob in NY loves his, Ron in RI has had his installed in two different cars, George in MA says “there his favorite hand controls ever” Don in Vermont says “there the only hand controls he’ll ever use” John in Maine says he’ll “never go back to right angle hand controls” Gregg in NH say “there the finest hand controls he’s ever had”

Come see us at Automotive Innovations Bridgewater, MA for your hand controls needs

Driving Aids Development Corporation (DADC) Special Features
Attractive appearance! Resilient, comfortable control grip.
Maintenance free! Self lubricating components used throughout.
All fasteners and major parts are high-strength stainless steel.
Registered with the FDA.
Accepted by the V. A.
Meets or exceeds all requirements of S.A.E. J1903 JUL89.
Licensed under U.S. Patent No. 4436191.

But what about cruise you ask? Will it still function? Not to worry. Cruise control is fully operational even when the adaptive driving aid is engaged.

Remember, the DADC adaptive driving aid does not replace the pedals that came with your vehicle, but is added to them. This also means that able bodied drivers can operate your modified vehicle normally, without learning to use the adaptive driving aid that makes it possible for you to operate your own vehicle.

Put yourself safely and confidently behind the wheel by contraction us oday to determine which Driving Aids Development Corporation model best fits your needs and schedule your installation appointment.


Their mechanical hand controls provide safe, easy and more convenient vehicle operation as well as being priced competitively with other manufacturers. They manufacture 4 different types of mechanical controls to suit all needs.

Wells-Engberg controls come with a universal mounting, using a common set of connectors which allows installation in the majority of domestic and foreign cars, light trucks, and vans equipped with automatic transmission and power brakes. They also have designed special mountings for some vehicles which make installation even easier.

Their two cable controls are supplied with a mounting which allows the cable to be run directly to the accelerator pedal itself. Wells-Engberg is constantly striving to keep up with the automobile manufacturers and supply the physically challenged population with the most advanced products available.

CT-100 Rotary Cable Control

•Mechanical control with a flexible accelerator cable going directly to the accelerator pedal assembly twist handle (same as motorcycle grip) to accelerate.
•Push handle toward brake pedal for braking.
•Control is mostly aluminum and is black anodized.
•Uses universal mounting brackets.
•Order either right or left hand.
•The cable design allows reduced amount of hardware in driver’s area. This gives the driver more leg room.

CP-200 Right Angle Control

•To operate accelerator pull handle down toward lap.
•Cable attached to handle goes directly to the accelerator pedal assembly.
•Push handle toward brake pedal for braking.
•Control made mostly of aluminum and is black anodized.
•Uses universal mounting brackets.
•Order either right or left hand.
•Cable design reduces hardware in the driver’s area allowing more leg room.

MC-25 Rotary Mechanical Control

The rods are attached to both the brake and accelerator pedals. In order to operate gas pedal you rotate the handle (same as a motorcycle grip). To use the brake you push the handle toward the brake pedal. This Hand Control is made of steel and is painted black. The MC-25 uses universal mounting brackets. There is very little interference with able bodied drivers. It can be installed on the right or left hand side.

Pneumatic Hand Control

This control is operated utilizing air pressure in its own self-contained unit. The pneumatic control operates the brake and accelerator using a push-pull joystick with very little operating effort and a short stroke. These controls have been in the field since 1982 and have proven to be very reliable and, with proper maintenance, trouble free.