Secondary Controls

Secondary Driving Controls are those controls not related to the motion of the vehicle. (i.e. ignition, gear selection, parking brake, lights, windshield wipers, etc. All of these controls must be relocated to
an accessible location for the disabled driver.

Multifunction steering device MyCommand by


Complete Control in Your Hand: Up to 14 secondary functions – such as indicator, light or the horn – can be controlled by the Veigel MyCommand. All functions are activated very easily without any response delay. The MyCommand presents an innovative product with a perfect ergonomic design.

The MyCommand is multitalented. The name indicates a varied functionality that can be operated by one hand without leaving the steering wheel. Even after a prolonged use it feels comfortable in your hand and all push buttons are very easily operated with just one finger.

The winning combination of a comprehensive technical know-how and a cutting edge design led to a clear display of all buttons so that you will have complete access in any situation. All this, of course, meets the highest automotive standards.

Other Secondary Controls

Crescent Industries

Voice Scan

The operation is simple:

Step 1 – Activate the scan by pushing the switch.
Step 2 – When the desired function is heard, activate the switch again and the function begins!!

Activate the switch and a voice (yours if you like) announces the functions. When the desired function is heard, activate the switch again to select the function. VoiceScan can be programmed in either one or two channel mode. The one channel mode allows all functions to be operated from a single switch, while the two channel mode allows for two priority functions. In either mode, VoiceScan can control up to 16 functions. Voice Scan is field programmable-it can be customized at your shop! And, like our Touch Pads and Elbow Pads, VoiceScan can be used with any vehicle function.